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BGC The Case Of The Missing Club Food Edit

This is a upcoming 2018 club comedy film starring Jake Walls Clay Taylor Ace Lopez and many more. For farther information click the link below to the BGC The Case Of The Missing Club Food Website..


Plot Edit

}}The BGC is under attack a thief is stealing the club food. It is up to Jake and the rest of the club staff to get the club food back. They thought of a plan, they decided to make a trap to capture the thief who took the club food. The club staff Jake and his girlfriend all hid to wait for the loud alarm to go off... Instead of getting the thief they got the principle instead... Will they ever get the club food back from the thief who took it, or will the BGC fall apart, and run out of business. Watch the movie to find out!!! This club comedy film will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to know more...

BGC Music SoundtrackEdit

    1. Boys & Girls Club Theme Song by Jake Walls
    2. Boys & Girls Club Rap by Jake Walls
    3. Lights Off by Jake Walls
    4. Magic Love Instrumental by Jake Walls
    5. Sweet 8Teen by Jake Walls
    6. I Think of You by Jake Walls
    7. BGC Final Theme Song by Jake Walls
    8. Let's Do The Right Thing by Jake Walls
    9. Wild Rocks by Jake Walls
    10. My Love BGC Sad Song by Jake Walls
    11. Sing BGC Rockout Vibes by Jake Walls
    12. BGC Heaven by Jake Walls
    13. Sad Sad BGC Song by Jake Walls
    14. The Thief BGC Campfire Song by Jake Walls
    15. Tyra by Jake Walls
    16. Mr. Clay/Hot Stuff by Jake Walls
    17. Think of It by Jake Walls
    18. Tonight Is The Night by Jake Walls
    19. Boys & Girls Club Suite by Jake Walls

Film Locations Edit

The filming is all going to take place at Lanier High School in Austin Texas.

Cast Edit

Clay Taylor as Mr. Clay

Sheldon Jackson as Mr. Ron 

James Jonse as Mr. Jonse

Jake Jackson as Mr. Rudy

Young Amarri Martin as Mr. Johnson

Anyssa Flores as Ms. Jenna

Jake Eldon Walls as Jake

Christapher Eugene Serna as Eugene

Victoria Wrench Schnitzer as Vicky

Alexis Moniz as Alexis 

Ace Lopex as The Thief 

Jake Malvaiz a The other Jake  

Midorie Clark as Ms. Dodie 

Jake Jackson as the Doctor 

John Moreno as The Nurse 

Young Amarri Martin as The Wimpy Guy

Jeremy Angel Camacho as the funny guy

Marlene Capilla as The Bully 1

Sheldon Jackson as The Bully 2

Alexus Giles as The Bully 3

Victor Evans as The Principle

Itzel Avila as The Other Girl

Elizabeth Avila as The Security 1

Jessica Tener as Jessica 

Kathryn Lynn as Kathryn 

Leslie Crystal as Leslie 

Josan Munoz as The Security 2

Club Members all: is all of the club members talking at the same time.

Featuring: Dre...

Sequel Edit

In December 5, 2016, Jake Walls and the rest of the club staff and the club members all suggested that a sequel to the Boys & Girls Club The Case of The Missing Club Food is in the planning stages. Later in February 13, 2017 it was announced that the title for the club sequel would be called, Boys & Girls Club The Revenge of The Devil. Filming will start in mid March or in mid April. On February 17, it was confirmed that the sequels release date would be May 9, 2018. Two months later after the release of the first film. Later that Friday it was confirmed that Jake is writing the second draft of the screenplay.

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